00 Introduction

Introduction to the Discovering Your Human Algorithm

When do you feel the most fulfilled? When do you feel a sweet equilibrium of your mind and spirit while doing an activity? Which moments do you look back on with the fondest sensations? Which moments do you look forward to the most?

Everyone has their own answers.

I’ve asked myself these questions and for me I am the most fulfilled when I engage in one of the 6As of life – Athletics, Adventure, Academics, Art, and. Advocacy.


In the following pages, I’ll share my definitions of each A but let’s be clear.

Athletics is about movement, not being a professional athlete.

Adventure is about discovery and not necessarily extreme adventure.

Academics is about reflection and learning, not about getting a degree.

Art is about creation without a label.

Advocacy is about helping others without reward.


The Human Algorithm is about improving life processes on planet earth for the 21st century. It is the hardest to define but the most essential. It is a combination of the other A’s, but it is wholly its own mist-like entity.

Discovering Your Human Algorithm captures the struggles and opportunities in our daily lives. As humans, we live one day to the next. But our digital technologies give us the opportunity to create re-combinations of our lives daily. Technologies developed by our fellow humans present us with uncountable wonders but if we don’t learn these wonders actively, then how can we live effectively?

Any wisdom in these pages is like finding a long-lost friend. Others have assessed the world and shared their wisdom before. I claim no special knowledge merely I seek to put an illuminating frame on human best practices in order to live life with meaning and purpose. The time to live with meaning and purpose is always now.