04 Art

Art Definitions

Art is the application of human creative skill. It involves using aesthetic principles to create something more than the normal, ordinary, or usual. “Something more” includes visual arts, literature, and performing arts. In Discovering Your Human Algorithm, Art is the application of new or novel approach to any task. This expansive definition allows people to access and experience the best of themselves. Like with the other As, the goal is to derive the most from human experience at any moment.


Art in other forms

Think of a mountain climber who decides to climb his favorite trail one morning. He knows the route to get to the base of the mountain and he knows many of the techniques to help him advance as he carries a backpack of equipment. Still, his climb is Art because like a painter with an idea that hasn’t yet been executed, the climber has to complete the climbs with precision and improv. The further he climbs the more refined his movements become. Eventually he arrives at his campground for the night and like a maestro who doesn’t waste one single movement he has elevated his Adventure to an Artistic endeavor.