05 Advocacy

Advocacy and Change

Discovering Your Human Algorithm is a practical philosophy for living life with meaning and purpose. Underlying the daily actions incorporated in each A is change. The 21st century will see more change quicker than the already rapid 20th century. Much of this change is expected to be negative.

Think about climate change, the coronavirus, the problems caused by distribution of wealth, access to health care, epidemics, and the straining and morphing of societies through the implementation and use of social media. Think about how technology is revolutionizing how we live in countless ways and imagine how life will look in 2099.

Take any topic. Food. How will you eat? What will you eat? Shelter. Will we all live in tall buildings or will there be open space to enjoy? Reproduction. Will we reproduce the way we have, or will we reproduce in the lab and place restrictions on who can reproduce?