08 Putting Your Human Algorithm into Action

Putting Your Human Algorithm into Action

The 6As can be practiced daily in less than an hour. The combination of activities will help you discover Your Human Algorithm to live with meaning and purpose. To start, let’s plan an hour. You will need a small backpack and some water. Each activity takes 10 minutes. First, prepare your exercise clothes and mentally locate where you can do 10 minutes of physical exercise. This can be 10 minutes of yoga, running in place for 10 minutes, lifting weights, or doing a series of core exercise. Next, mentally find a park that is near where you will compete your exercise. The park or outdoor area will be where you will complete the additional As so choose a place with Academics, Art, and Advocacy in mind. For Academics, pack a book, a notepad and a pen or pencil. For Art, make sure to have your favorite dance music or use the same notepad. Finally, bring something to pick up trash. Cleaning up around you isn’t the only way to do Advocacy but it works for this example. When you’re ready, begin.

Discovering Your Human Algorithm in under 60 minutes daily

1.     Complete 10-minutes of exercise. Athletics

2.     Walk in a new location or take new route 10 minutes. Adventure

3.     Read a book or write in a journal for 10 minutes. Academics

4.     Draw, doodle, color or dance for 10 minutes. Art

5.     Pick up errant items and put it in the nearest receptacle. Advocacy

6.     Take 10 minutes to reflect, then make 1 decision on how to improve life for yourself and others today. The Human Algorithm


Not taking breaks between exercise, adventure, learning, art, advocacy or improving yourself is critical because the easiest way to stall progress on learning is take too much time off between learning sessions. Ideally you should practice for six consecutive days. Some A’s are easier to do daily than others, but it is our intention and in the consistency in the actions that makes discovering our Human Algorithm possible.