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“Brilliant read! It would have been handy to use in my own degree module on coaching practices. I did a lot on bandura and coaching models. This would be useful for learning and progression practice, especially in sports such as taking steps I progression and purpose of a goal challenge to improve cement of life itself. Top work my friend!”

Stephen Jarvis

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“Dr Brooks has achieved an unusually high degree of success in communicating well-researched and potentially complex concepts – in a conversational, enjoyable, inspirational and provocative manner. Wherever you are in your journey of self-discovery, understanding where passion is embraced, and success is achieved – you will find this book a worthy and valuable companion.”

Mitch Pisik

Business Consultant and Executive Coach

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“I have known Zachary for many years, and it makes sense that he would be writing this book. Across the many roles he fulfills, Zach epitomizes living with meaning and purpose. Dr. Brooks has lived more lives than many of us ever will. The publication of his first book is a logical progression for him in this regard.”

In my professional opinion as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Brooks is a human that has spent considerable time in self-reflection and personal growth which has cultivated a high level of contentment, achievement, social-connectedness, and personal meaning. “Discovering your human algorithm” is an examination of the features–that every human possesses–that helped Dr. Brook’s personal journey for a fulfilling life. I have seen with my own eyes Dr. Brook’s manifest the 6A’s in his personal and professional life, and if you are at all interested in pursuing any of the 6A’s in your own life, my impression is this book will be very helpful and interesting to you.

Ezra E Smith, PhD

Clinical Psychologist and Neuroscientist


“Dr. Brooks strives for excellence in everything he does, which includes his “Dr. Z” Podcasts and his impressive professional endeavors. In Discovering Your Human Algorithm: How to Live with Meaning and Purpose you will learn not only how to live your life to the fullest, but also how to reach for your own personal human excellence.”

Julia Seraphine

Entrepreneur and Social Media Expert

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